Villa Wolf Gewürztraminer


Villa Wolf Gewürztraminer is clean, fruity and wonderfully light on its feet. It shows off the aromatic charm of the variety without becoming heavy or ponderous. Harvested at optimal ripeness, the wine has a deliciously juicy texture and a delightfully delicate aroma of spice and fresh roses.


It is very refreshing to drink on its own and makes a perfect accompaniment to spicy cuisines and pungent cheeses, such as Munster, a classic pairing.

Appellation Pfalz
Color White
Grape Varieties


ABV (Alcohol By Volume) 11.8%
Bottle Size (Cl) 75 Cl

Fermentation and maturation in stainless steel tanks.
Malolactic fermentation is avoided in order to maintain lively acidity. Light filtration before bottling. No other filtering or fining.