Cognac VS


APPEARANCE: A light, bright and amber dress 

NOSE: Its intense and pleasant nose is derived from the refined combination of different floral and fruity notes, combined with a slight aroma of woody aromas 

PALAIS: A harmonious blend of lightness and roundness in the mouth, conferred by the Bons Bois

GLOBAL BALANCE: A soft cognac, perfectly balanced, pleasing to the palate and just as pleasant to the nose and the eye


As an after-dinner drink or an aperitif, served neat, on the rocks, as a long drink, combined with sparkling water or tonic as a long drink, or as a cocktail

Appellation Cognac
Varietal Grape
Bottle Size (Cl) 70cl
ABV (Alcool By Volume) 40%
Vinification Craft according to traditional methods in Jonzac (France). Produced from the Ugni Blanc grape varietal, vinified naturally. The wine is distilled over an open fire using the double distillation technique of the Charente stills.

At least 50 months of ageing in oak barrels.