Absinthe Amer 68°


100% natural color, syrupy nose with very present green anise, and a bitter finish with light aniseed notes


With sugar (add more or less according to your taste). For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measure of freshwater, and in cocktails with chocolate liquor

Type of spirits Absinthe
Appellation Fougerolles – France
Varietals Grand wormwood, green anise, star anise, liquorice, fennel, coriander, Melissa, hyssop and veronica
Bottle Size (Cl) 70 Cl
ABV (Alcool By Volume) 68 %
Storage Vertically, protected from light at a temperature that does not rise above 30°C
Making process Maceration, distillation and infusion. Made from a blend of distillates : each plant is going through maceration and distillation steps