Cidre Brut de Normandie

Cidre Brut de Normandie

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Product Description

Origin Normandy (France)

Grape Varieties

Made of 30 different varieties of cider apples:
– The dominant varieties used (70%) are bitter kinds with a lot of tannins. These apples give our cider its structure and body.
– 20% are sweet varieties, used for their fruit character.
– The remaining 10% are acidic apples which make our cider fine and fresh.

ABV (Alcohol by Volume) 5%
Bottle Size 75cl


Matured apples are crushed and pressed to extract the juice which ferments until it reaches 4.5% Alcohol. During fermentation (in a cask or stainless steel tank) temperatures control as well as several racking enable us to maintain a very slow fermentation. When it reaches 4.5% alcohol content, the cider is bottled, a second fermentation then takes place in bottle: sugar is transformed into alcohol with natural production of carbonic gas with resulting bubbles.

Type Brut, natural drink, light in alcohol, rich in taste and aromas
Service Temp Drink it fresh (8-12 °C), ideally in a wine glass

Food & Wine Pairing

You can drink it with fish, white meat or Camembert de Normandie or a Pont l'Evêque. You can have it in the afternoon if you are thirsty.

Cider de Normandie is very pleasant. It is light, fruity, aromatic.