Eternal Frost Party on Top of the Town

Eternal Frost Party on Top of the Town

Vinifera Vietnam is honored to be a sponsor of 2016 Christmas and New Year’s Eve at EON 51.

In light of the up-coming Christmas, EON Heli Bar, located at level 52 Bitexco Financial Tower, proudly introduces “The Eternal Frost Party” in Christmas Eve, featuring many great performances which guaranteed unforgettable night. The Eternal Frost Party is inspired by the Snow Queen, with the ambition of bringing this infamous Scandinavian legend to life.

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Coming to the party, at the only Heli Bar, party goers will not only have a chance to enjoy the ‘’eternal winter’’ in a festive atmosphere, but also get to be amazed by the performances of Summer Time band and DJ Tuan Anh. Especially, the presence of Waacking Dancers – a trendy form of dance that is taking the word by storm – is also a highlight of this Christmas Party.

“As a tribute to our Helier, we have designed a special drink for the event called “Winter Kiss”. Especially on 24 th and 25 th December, we will give one complimentary Tapas for every guest ordered “Winter Kiss” – said Ms. Vo Nguyen Thuy Ngan, Manager of EON Heli Bar.


For more information, please contact: 08 62 91 8752
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