Jules Gautret

Jules Gautret

Jules Gautret founded his Cognac firm in Jonzac in 1847. His successors continue to use the highest quality grapes from Petite Champagne to produce and blend prestigious Cognac for customers around world. Jules Gautret’s passion and attention to detail have been perpetuated to this day.

The swan is the current logotype of Unicognac, it has been chosen for Jules Gautret to appear on most prestigious spirits.

In ancient Greece, the swan was considered as a divine bird. It was god of light Apollo’s companion but also the avatar of Zeus when he wanted to seduce Leda. Worshiped from Europe to the Far East, it epitomizes inspiration, knowledge and purification.

As a symbol of beauty, elegance and courage, the swan was frequently depicted on noble families’ coats of arms. Most famous representatives of these families were François Ier’s spouse, Claude de France and his mother, Louise de Savoie. A medallion with a swan drilled by an arrow can be found in François Ier’s birth place, Chateau de Cognac, on one of the castle’s chimney.

Faithful to this symbolic, Unicognac uses the swan as an incarnation of its unique know how in Cognac distillation and production. The use of the swan highlights Unicognac’s ability to extract the best of vineyards in order to create the noblest of all French spirits.

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