Calvados is an apple brandy produced within the Calvados appellation contrôlée of the French region of Normandy (Normandie).

Calvados is distilled from cider made from specially grown and selected apples, from over 200 named varieties. It is not uncommon for a calvados producer to use over 100 specific varieties of apples, which are either sweet, or bitter.

The fruit is harvested and pressed into a juice that is fermented into a dry cider. It is then distilled into eau de vie. After two years of aging in oak casks, it can be sold as Calvados. The longer it is aged, the smoother the drink may become. Typically, the maturation goes on for several years.

Calvados can be served as an apéritif, blended in drinks, between meals, as a digestif, or with coffee. Well-made Calvados should naturally be reminiscent of apples and pears, balanced with flavours of aging. The less-aged Calvados distinguishes itself with its fresh apple and pear aromas. The longer the Calvados is aged, the more the taste resembles that of any other aged brandy. As Calvados ages, it may become golden or darker brown with orange elements and red mahogany. The nose and palate are delicate with concentration of aged apples and dried apricots balanced with butterscotch, nut, and chocolate aromas.

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