THALASSA Country Wines are the quintessence of Charente-Maritime’s wine production. Both racy and refined, they reflect the character of their terroir.

Located between the Loire Valley and the Gironde estuary, the vineyards of the Pays des Charentes enjoy the melodious sweetness of the oceanic climate.
From the luminous islands of Ré and Oléron, from the Aunis and the Saintonge to the rugged Charente Limousine, we are in the land of tales of the mysterious Melusine and Sleeping Beauty.
Dating back a quarter of a century, the appellation has been able to highlight its maritime tastes and aspirations. In turn marine white, wine of Atlantic land or grains of sun have illustrated the richness and the virtues of its oceanic origins which testify the sediments of clays and limestones of its lands of groies, champagnes or sands.

Of low yield to favor the quality, the vineyard gives grapes filled with sugar which will frame wines of frank and loyal character. Cabernets, merlot, gamay, pinot noir or tannat de Ré for black grapes and, for whites, sauvignon, ugni-blanc, chardonnay, chenin, muscadelle, arriloba, fouolle-blanche, colombard and sémillon sing the grape harvests. ‘a generous terroir. Ripe reds, delicate rosés or scented whites are a range whose youth and energy have enthused all lovers of authentic wines.

Our products of Thalassa :